Able AsWeARE provides training across the country on a wide variety of disability-related issues, but specializes in disability etiquette and disability and sexuality / intimacy. 


“Disability etiquette” is simply a set of guidelines regarding how to interact with people who have various types of disabilities. Such people in the workplace may include current or potential employees and volunteers, clients, customers, and visitors (and just about anyone at all outside the workplace!)


When we think about the concept of “diversity” and of training our employees regarding the diverse nature of our service population, we generally think about people of different races, ethnicities, creed, colors and religions. However, disability training is an integral part of diversity training which cuts across all other sects of diverse populations. Disability does not discriminate, and therefore people of all backgrounds can become disabled at any time during their lives. It has often been called “the largest minority,” which is an apt description indeed.

There are close to 50 million people in the United States with a disability, which breaks down to one in every five Americans. And this group is a large and growing market of people to be served, with $175 billion in discretionary spending, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. $175 billion is more than four times the spending power of tweens (8-14 year-olds), a demographic which is highly sought after by businesses. By appropriately serving this population, companies can increase their profits, promote social equality, reduce litigation risks, boost employee and company morale and confidence, enhance community perception and earn customer loyalty.

People with disabilities are also valued members of the workforce.  There are 18.9 million working age people with disabilities in this country, spanning all walks of life. Hiring individuals with disabilities may seem somewhat daunting or uncertain from a business perspective, but nothing could be further from the truth. The advantages of hiring employees with disabilities are many, including but not limited to: expansion and enhancement of company diversity efforts, increased employee morale, increased innovation and problem solving, attracting a broader customer base, increased market share, leveraging the unique experiences and skills of employees with disabilities (including disabled veterans), expanded talent pool, leveraging tax incentives and benefits, and much more.


Able AsWeARE is often engaged to provide honest, accurate information regarding disability as it relates to sex, relationships and intimacy. We speak to a wide variety of clients including but not limited to caregivers, rehabilitation staff, home health aides, medical professionals, sex-positive organizations, the LGBTI+ community, institutional or group home staff, parents, lovers and people with disabilities (PWD) about the unique sets of challenges faced by folks with various types of disabilities, conditions and injuries. We answer the questions you have (as well as the ones you didn’t know you had) about disabled sex and intimacy from every perspective. 

So give us a call at 267-697-9697, email us at ableasweare@gmail.com or amy@ableasweare.com, or find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AbleAsWeARE/. We are happy to help!